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The junk also aroused the curiosity of Charles Dickens, who found it enchanting and thought-provoking. The Chinese junk, he wrote, possessed the magical power to make the ugliness of the city vanish: “In half a score of minutes, the tiles and chimney-pots, backs of squalid houses, frowsy pieces of waste ground, narrow courts and streets, swamps, ditches, masts of ships, gardens of duckweed . . . .whirl away in a flying dream, and nothing is left but China.”

NEWS:  Monterey has a History with early Chinese Immigrants.  It is certain that Chinese Visitors/Tourists will feel way more welcome here when they see China Dragon.   China Dragon is one of the last remaining seaworthy authentic historic Chinese Junks.  She graces  Monterey Harbor and is a reminder of Monterey's past.  
Monterey County could be sold as an "authentic" American destination, Chinese tourism officials who recently visited the county said. The 25-person group of tourism officials, Chinese media and the country's largest airline visited on Tuesday and Wednesday. View Full Story

 Romeo, Susan and the rest of the China Dragon Crew give a public thanks to: Nelson's Motors of Watsonville who surprised us with a donation of $150.00 via a discount on China Dragon's Outboard Motor Repair.   Your generosity  will not be forgotten.  Thankyou for your support of this project.   

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The Illustrated History of Chinese Junks
The Illustrated History of Chinese JunksFor more information visit:http://www.odysseypublications.com/

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Sister Boat of China Dragon.