JUNK NEWS...In the year of the Black Water Dragon. Chinese Junks are making the News.

Coast Guard rescues 50-foot Chinese junk boat near Astoria (video) Dec 5 2011 in Boats,

Guangdong museum houses Nanghai 1 -Chinese Junk boat shipwrecked 800 years ago

By José Simões Morais of MACAO Magazine

   Last December one of the most remarkable museums in China opened its doors – a space-age design on a beach that houses the remains of a Chinese junk that sank over 800 years ago and was lifted from the sea bed.
It was discovered in 1987 but salvaged from the bottom of the ocean only 20 years later. The museum also shows the pieces found on the ship – including gold rings and bracelets and porcelain, in astonishingly good repair. The Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum is in Hailing, Guangdong province, around 280 kilometres from Macao. The vessel, Nanhai I (South Sea Number One), is the oldest and best-preserved ship ever found off the Chinese coast. It was built during the Southern Song dynasty (1127-1279) and sank a few miles off the coast in the South China Sea, on its way from China to India or the Middle East, the maritime Silk Road. It was loaded with tens of thousands of pieces of porcelain and has three masts, is 30.4 metres long and has a capacity of 80 tons.

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