The Infamous
Ning Po
Built 1757

May be viewed in the mud in Catalina Island.

A portion of a rib of the Ning Po ====> brought up by a diver in 1923.

                                                              This is part of our collection. 

Dr. Hans Van Tilburg of Hawaii has written about her amazing history 
The Crew of the NING PO in early 1900's ===>
Crew of the Ning Po in early 1900's
Interview on NPR Jerry Ardolino
Author of The Shang Pirate Legacy -with historical info about Chinese Junk Ning Po
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Interested in learning more about the Ning Po?  Jerry Ardolino wrote a fictional book which includes historical information about the Ning Po.  He is an avid collector of Models of Chinese Junks. While his book is fictional he stresses that there is information inside the chapters which one will recognize as actual "facts" about the true history of the junk.