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China Dragon is on her Mooring Now!
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Restore China Dragon

China Dragon is on her Mooring Now!

China Dragon is on now on her Mooring in the harbor.  We've already received wonderful comments about how she really makes the harbor look more special.  If you take a walk from Old Fisherman's Wharf towards Breakwater Cove you'll see her.

Pictures to follow or send us yours and we'll post them here.

China Dragon on Facebook

Find China Dragon on Facebook. www.facebook.com/pages/China-Dragon.com   and LIKE HER!

Chinese Symbol for Good Fortune found on Boat

Renovating a boat can feel overwhelming at times.  Yesterday was one of those days.  People love to come and snap photos of the boat because she is inspiring. In many ways..she's even more inspiring to see out of the water.  She looks larger out of the water than in the water.  After yesterday's Chinese Fishing Village Walk of Remembrance where we all made new friends...China Dragon had some new visitors. 

China Dragon's Fitting for the Sail Rigging. Good Fortune symbol at topNancy from San Francisco looked up at the eyes that hold the sails rigging and said: That symbol means: Good Fortune.

Join us May 19th 11 am for Chinese Fishing Village Walk

Adding new colors and art to China Dragon

Day 3 of China Dragon's being in dry dock or as they say: On the Hard meaning on a hard surface versus the water.

The Hull is being sanded and readied for new paint. The red is called Perfection Red.  

We plan on adding two new colors to the trim: blue and green as shown in this photo of a Dragon from the ceiling of a Buddhist Monastery.  Photo provided to us by artist Conlon for inspiration.  Tell us what you think?

Over all her hull condition is really good considering her age.

Adventures of a Chinese Junk Fishing Boat

Chinese Junk Boat Museum? in Monterey?  How did I get to this point?What on earth possessed me to save and preserve this unique bit of history.  How did this amazing junk find it's way to me here?  Even my dog Romeo who guards the boat from sea otters and sea lions has his say.  All I know is that there is history in this boat and it deserves to have a new life and new future.   We're hauling her out on Thursday May 10th at 9am and you can be a part of her restoration so that she can SAIL her yellow sails with the Red Dragon on the top during the Pacific Grove Festival of Lanterns this summer.