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About China Dragon:

Made of Teak, Mahogany, and Yakal Woods. Her galley sink and counters are copper.

Painted traditional Chinese Ceremonial colors of Red, Black, Yellow, & Gold. Her rudder and water line are now a Cobalt Blue. 

She's currently getting new bottom paint at $180/gal. It's expensive because it has copper in it. 25% copper. 

Photo of Original Builders Certificate hand painted on a Silk Scroll in Chinese & English. Original Name: Hai Woo (Sea Fox) Someone changed her name later in her life to China Dragon.

Location: China Dragon can be viewed from the walking path along the harbor in between Old Fisherman's Wharf & Breakwater Cove Marina

Monterey Harbor, Floating

Monterey, CA 93940

" 5/24/12 China Dragon with some new bottom paint and white primer"

China Dragon goes back to her slip in the Monterey harbor. You can see her really well from Domenicos Restaurant on the Wharf- Location Fisherman's Wharf Monterey, CA.

View of China Dragon from Domenicos Restaurant

Sadly we had to paint over the dragon as we had no one to volunteer to paint around it to preserve it. Can u paint a new dragon on this magnificant piece of history?

China dragon is getting her new colors topside now.

FEB. 2015 Update for

Harbor Winds play this harp aboard China Dragon

Eery and relaxing, the winds stirred up to play this 16 string therapy harp while aboard the China Dragon, Chinese Junk Fishing Boat built in Hong Kong 1958. Enjoy the music.


Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Goat they say but we are sure they said it wrong. It must be the year of the "boat" Enjoy this harp music the harbor winds created on one of my harps.  

JUNE 13, 2012 Update for CHINA DRAGON

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